Hydrohexagrams (for Tahuata) 2017

I invited the village of Hapatoni from the island of Tahuata in the French Polinesia to use the I-Ching in order to ask a group question concerning the village,

but, instead of throwing the coins themselves, I invited them to use waves in the ocean to throw them. Their interpretation of the resulting oceanic hexagram

was adapted to a ancient traditional song sang at the end of the video. The village used the ocean as a oracle.

The I-Ching question asked by the village at the beginning of the video was: ¨Will the generosity and solidarity of our ancestors be transmitted to our future generations?¨ 

The enlarged I-Ching coins were casted in bronce, weight 20 kilos each and have hand made drawings. Six coins were made for this project, three of the coins

stayed at the Hapatoni Artesian Museum to be use by the villagers and three coins are displayed when the video is showed. 

Work comitioned by TBA21 for the exhibition Tidalectics curated by Stefanie Hessler. 2017


Seventh Window

Seventh window is inspired by the Buddhist principle that the body has nine holes from which energy, matter and information travel inside and outside of it.

These windows allow us to establish a connection with our surrounding world, transforming the body into a metaphoric temple.

This optical gymnastics device allows the exploration of our own body, specifically the anus, the only place our human anatomy does not permit us to  observe.

By using it, our own contemplation cycle becomes completes in a uroboro ritual were observer and the unobserved become one.