Instant Weather Prediction

On June 15th, Pivô opens "Instant Weather Prediction", the first solo show by the Argentinian
artist Eduardo Navarro in Brazil. In "Instant Weather Prediction", Navarro departs from his
interest in the wind movement to conceive a large installation comprised of 27 garments that
resemble physical meteorological stations. Together with the dancer and choreographer
Zélia Monteiro, the artist developed a series of movements in which they investigate the visual
strength and the mechanical efficiency of the outfits when in contact to the air wind currents
outside Pivô. This dance will be performed throughout the opening day. 

Opening: June 15th from 3pm to 7pm 
Exhibition: June 15th to July 27th

instant weather prediction


Cloud Consulate

Cloud consulate is a optical instrument. It's a combination of a kaleidoscope and a Periscope.
It multiplies the passing clouds creating a fractal. It acts as a shelter, a contemplation device,
and a sensorial vehicle that brings the sky to earth allowing it to fully surround you in order to
reach a meditative floating state of mind.

Ibirapueira Park
Sao Paulo Art Fair

cloud consulate

could consulate

cloud consulate

cloud consulate