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¨In Collavoration with the Sun¨
Museum of Contemporary Art Mac Niteroi
Rio, Brazil
Curated by Pablo Leon de la Barra & Raphael Fonseca
31 August-January 2020


Gasworks presents the first UK solo exhibition by Buenos Aires-based artist Eduardo Navarro.
His work moves away from representation, creating instead sensorial experiences with the potential
to induce a radical transformation of the self and others. His exhibition at Gasworks will transform
the gallery into a living, breathing organism that inhales air from the street and pumps it back into
public space. Acting as a large-scale prosthetic device, the installation invites viewers to synchronise
their breath, metabolism and biorhythms with the architecture itself and other members of the audience.
With a simple gesture, Navarro’s exhibition offers the possibility of entering a telepathic
community, a shared space-time of experience.